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Talent diagnostics

The talent diagnostics tool systematically and methodically assesses professional potential of an area. How many specified workers, entrepreneurs and self employed people can be found in a certain place? Including CVs and real life situations as well as people’s frame of mind, professional interests, personal inclinations, general and applied capacities and the extent to which they are visible in the workforce, talent diagnostics and the employment radar offer the chance to form a profile for suitable jobs, automatically generating the employee’s capacities as well as the proper steps to training and qualification of the individual.

If you are already familiar with methods of assessing applications, workforce development and career opportunities, you will want to know more about valid solutions for target groups. Try out new tools like our integrative talent diagnostics, the employment radar and the custom-made health coaching for yourself in our workshops and the exhibition and decide for yourself, which methods are suitable for you!

Participants can gather applicable knowledge about seizing hidden potential and the conservation of current and future employees‘ performances as well as the reintegration of older people, long time unemployed and people who want to return to their former jobs.

The europatriates process

The europatriates process is based on the concept of MINIPRENEURE. It aims to take new paths towards the integration or re-integration of jobseekers into working life and also uses tried and tested models in a new way. It is an innovative project that units programmatically relevant aspects and concepts from different scientific disciplines. The developed process model is ready to be used in the practical work with unemployed people.

The europatriates process comprises modules from the building kit of the minipreneur assistance process based on a social franchising network. The core modules are the integrative talent diagnostics and the innovative employment radar.




Talent diagnostics

Talent diagnostics

Talent diagnostics

Talent diagnostics deal with the question: What do people today want and what are they capable of? Talent is the collective term for abilities, skills, interests, and knowledge that a person can utilise to earn a living. Talents often have nothing to do with the person’s prior professional biography and their current career situation. We will detect these talents and clarify them to the participant in a detailed report on professional orientation. This report serves as a concrete aid to find alternative employment options.


Employment radar

Employment radar

Employment radar

In our concept, we use the employment radar as an instrument to help us register the potential employment opportunities in the local region.

This extends from job offers in the first labour market to freelance activity, for example in the sector of household-related services, and through to activities in the field of social and society assignments.

The employment radar is based on a detailed, software-aided analysis of the individual location that systematically searches down to the district or neighbourhood level.

We pay particular attention to earning potential that results from new trends and life models (see career and service families). To do this, we use data, methods, and findings from trend and future research.

However, new service ideas should not only be innovative.

They also need to be realisable locally. To achieve this, we create maps for the individual community or neighbourhoods that localise the different lifestyles and social environment. Then, we try to identify the service potential that this represents.


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The europatriates concept along with its methods and tools are designed in such a way that they can be transferred into every European language and culture. The participating European delegations and congress participants can carry definite solutions back easily to their home countries and profit directly from their realisation. The unemployed young people learn a profession and gather life experiences. Later, after they have returned to their home countries as Europeans, the relationships that they have built up will benefit them and their home country. Thus, there will be no brain drain in the long term.

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